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Ways to earn money

You can employ yourself either as an entrepreneur or as a freelancer

As an independent operator, you can decide when and how much you work. A person who does delivery occasionally often works as a freelancer, but when delivery is primary or regular income it is recommended to work as an entrepreneur.


Light entrepreneur and freelancer

Freelancer works in the between entrepreneurship and paid work. Similar to an entrepreneur, a freelancer is responsible for their own taxation and insurance, including social security. However, the withholding tax is determined based on a tax card.

The freelancer is not employed, so no pension accrues from the task. We therefore recommend taking YEL insurance. We also require liability and damage insurance, which are tax deductible.

Light entrepreneurship is a modern, convenient and carefree way for freelancers to employ themselves and let the invoicing service take care of all the bureaucracy. A light entrepreneur does not need their own business ID, and is not liable for accounting and VAT since invoicing is handled through a light entrepreneur service, such as or


When you are an entrepreneur, you have the responsibility of managing the company’s taxation and insurance, as well as your own social security. Furthermore, you are required to register for advance tax collection and maintain accounting records of your business activities.

The only mandatory insurance for an entrepreneur is the YEL insurance, i.e. the entrepreneur’s own pension insurance.We also require liability and damage insurance, which are tax deductible.

Entrepreneurs have access to a wider range of tax deductions than freelancers, such as deductions for travel expenses. Additionally, new entrepreneurs can apply for start-up funding to support the establishment of their business.