Area coordinator Sami


Sami Hämeenkorpi has been working as a transport entrepreneur for 10 years.  Sami has 20 employees, and he also co-ordinates 30 Early Bird distributors.

As area coordinator for Vihti, Nummela, Karkkila and Nummi-Pusula, Sami Hämeenkorpi has always liked everything to do with vehicles and driving. He loves his work.

Sami started working in the transport sector right after obtaining his driver's license at the age of 18. He worked with Helsingin Jakelu-Expert Oy during the night, carrying newspapers in the Helsinki metropolitan area. At the same time, he dreamt of owning his own transport company and he wondered how to implement his dream.

It was clear that his salary was just enough to live on, but no extra was collected for business purposes. At that point, Sam came up with the idea of garnering additional earnings and decided to set up his own personnel rental company and hire out employees to transport companies. Sami had noticed working as a driver that there was clearly need for and demand for human resources.

“I spent 1.5 years renting out staff and collected money for my own transport company and the purchase of transport equipment. Once I had gathered sufficient funds, I changed the company from a sole proprietorship into a joint stock company in 2009 and completed a road freight transport course,” Sami Hämeenkorpi says.

The dream came true

Sam's dream of having his own transport company had finally come true. It was clear from the outset that he would use all of his business income to grow his business and do paid work on the side to support himself and his family. Sami initially bought one van and as the work increased, he bought an additional 2-3 cars per year.

“In 2014, I reached the point where it became prudent to stop working for wages. I became a full-time entrepreneur - and I have not regretted it for a single day,” Sami says.

“Now the transport fleet has 14 vehicles and operations are being expanded to carry passengers in the Autumn thanks to the 2018 taxi licensing reforms,” Sami says.

Sami began working as area coordinator in 2016 when Sanoma launched the Early Bird distributions as a pilot project in Karkkila.

 “I got the job through experience and my previous cooperation with Sanoma Media. The coordinator's work is hectic but, on the other hand, it is also very varied and meaningful,” Sami says.

Independent night work

The work of an Early Bird paper delivery person is night work, between midnight and six in the morning. 

“The work of a paper delivery person requires stress resistance and reasoning, speed, patience and tolerance of varying weather conditions. The management of the delivery tasks is based on an electronic delivery book, which allows you to manage the work even if the delivery area is not familiar to you.  A person who is calm, conscientious and has a photographic memory will cope with the work very well.” Sami explains.

Patience is also a must for a regional coordinator, but for delivery people - the attitude is the most important characteristic for a coordinator. Sometimes it is necessary to look for fill-ins and they are not always handy, in which case Sami delivers the papers himself and, once in a while, his spouse has helped him.

“If all the Early Bird delivery people are not available and there are open districts, then I must go myself.” There have been no nights when the papers have been undelivered. The papers are delivered every day except for holidays.

Working hours are on weekdays from midnight to 6:30 a.m. The Early Bird service promise is that the papers are in the mailboxes on weekdays by 6.30 a.m., on Saturdays by 7.00 a.m. and on Sundays by 7.30 a.m. The average delivery time is 4-5 hours.

Self-employment/freelancer-based work is free

Even if many may find it alienating to work as a self-employed person or freelancer, Sami Hämeenkorpi encourages them to try out. In the areas coordinated by Sami the delivery staff are aged 35-60 but the work suits people of all ages.

“It is possible to work full-time as an Early Bird delivery person, for instance, gig-based or as a fill-in. Weekend delivery people are also needed,” Sami Hämeenkorpi says.

When you choose a paper delivery area that matches where you live, the distances between home and work also get shorter. Work as a local paper delivery person has taken over employment in Helsinki and beyond for many.

A ‘working day’ of five hours on average and the short commute are attractive. If, for instance, you drive to work from Nummi-Pusula to Helsinki, the commute amounts to 140 km and it takes about two hours a day. A local delivery person saves the time needed for commuting, so delivery work has been a great alternative for many moms and dads.

A coordinator’s work is interesting, isn’t it? Get to know the EarlyBird delivery people!