Area coordinator Rikhard Lindfors

Regional coordinator Rikhard Lindfors

Previously, Rikhard “Riku” Lindfors worked as a delivery person but proceeded to become a coordinator of Early Bird delivery people. In the area coordinated he coordinates, there are about 20 delivery people working at the moment.

Rikhard, who works as the regional coordinator for Nurmijärvi and as an entrepreneur, underlines the importance of the right attitude when you work as a delivery person for Early Bird. He makes sure that the work goes smoothly and no area is left without papers, even if the papers must be delivered by fill-ins once in a while.

“I used to work in the early delivery service for the Finnish Post Office and then became an Early Bird delivery person. I like night work, listening to music and driving. This work combines all of them,” Rikhard Lindfors says.

Independent and flexible work as an Early Bird paper delivery person suits all those who do not have a problem with working at night. The delivery book and having a photographic memory are important assets when you are getting to know your own delivery area.

According to Lindfors, some people are able to commit their own delivery area to memory right away while others need more time to learn it.

Rikhard Lindfors also calls people to try out being entrepreneur. It is easy to work as a self-employed person and you should not be afraid of entrepreneurship. You can also turn to other delivery people who work as entrepreneurs for assistance and hints about entrepreneurship.

“You can adjust your working hours at will and work for yourself. As for me, I work on every day of the year except for holidays.”

For Rikhard Lindfors, his work is an inspiration and he usually works even at the weekends. He says no days are alike because the weather conditions also keep changing and each day has vibes of its own.

“I can recommend working as an Early Bird delivery person for everyone from the bottom of my heart. You can work at night and sleep or do something else in the daytime.” We have delivery people from all age categories, including pensioners - and they are very devoted and motivated for their work. 

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