Get to know our delivery areas

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EarlyBird started its operations in Karkkila in June 2016, after which the operations expanded to several places.

At the moment, EarlyBird operates in

  • Mäntsälä

  • Nummi-Pusula

  • Nurmijärvi

  • Siuntio

  • Tuusula

  • Vihti

  • Virkkala

  • Hyvinkää

  • Järvenpää

  • Karjalohja

  • Karkkila

  • Kerava

  • Kirkkonummi

  • Lohja


One of our goals is to ensure the delivery of newspapers seven days a week within our areas of operation.  In addition to newspapers, EarlyBird's early-morning distribution also includes magazines, letters and small packages. 



Progressiveness has always been in Sanoma’s DNA. Not just in journalism, but in all activities. Digitalism has made our media more user-oriented, and now it's changing its distribution. EarlyBird is a new service that makes nightly magazine distribution an opportunity for everyone to profit from. EarlyBird is going to employ a significant number of Finns, allowing them to decide on their own shifts and how much they want to earn. Everyone wins; subscribers reliably receive their newspapers as before and distributors, in addition to their freedom, receive compensation for their work. Anyone from an experienced postman to a student can sign up to be a distributor.