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This is Leo


Early Bird distributor Leo Hyvönen

Leo Hyvönen started as an Early Bird distributor in November 2017. Right after the first try he knew that this job is just what he wants.

-        I was positively surprised about how well the job of a mailman suits me. I like to drive my car and to work in a flexible environment, at my own pace. I have earlier experience from delivering mail at Posti, but that was years ago. Back then there was no electrical assistance and the mail was delivered on foot. I quickly learned the work of an Early Bird distributor and staying up late was not a problem for me either, Leo Hyvönen says.

Leo listens to a radio and enjoys the tranquility while he drives during the night. He quickly got familiar with his delivery area at Nurmijärvi.

-        Sanoma’s newspapers are delivered as an Early Bird before 6:30 during the week and before 7:30 during the weekends. The weather conditions can sometimes delay the delivery, but usually I get it done on time. I rarely see customers, but when I do, they usually just thank me for the newspaper, Hyvönen tells.

No prior experience is needed in the work of an Early Bird distributor, although many distributors have worked in the field prior to Early Bird.

-        The most important thing is that you learn to remember your own area. Photographic memory helps you to memorize your area fast and easily. And if you don’t have a photographic memory, you can learn the area by just driving through it enough times while paying attention.

At Nurmijärvi the areas of Early Bird distributors have mainly detached houses and row houses in them, and most of the mailboxes are on the side of the road.

-        I recommend trying out the work of an Early Bird distributor. When you work during the nights, you have free time during the days and you can work full-time, part-time or just occasionally.