Arun Raj Olnedian – Always ready to help

Arun Raj Olnedian founded ARN Services Oy for Early Bird delivery work. Arun, who lives in Nurmijärvi, delivers mail where it’s needed and guides new, especially foreign, employees when they start working as a mailman.

Arun Raj Olnedian, who is from India, has a role that is somewhat different compared to a typical mailman. He doesn’t deliver mail to the same addresses every night, but instead he offers help where it’s needed.

-        I work in close collaboration with the supervisor and I help him in finding people for every Early Bird route/area. We do our best in order to get workers for every area every night. I always join the new employees for a few nights and I teach them how the mail is delivered, Arun Raj Olnedian says.

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this is Leo

Early Bird distributor Leo Hyvönen

Leo Hyvönen started as an Early Bird distributor in November 2017. Right after the first try he knew that this job is just what he wants.

-        I was positively surprised about how well the job of a mailman suits me. I like to drive my car and to work in a flexible environment, at my own pace. I have earlier experience from delivering mail at Posti, but that was years ago. Back then there was no electrical assistance and the mail was delivered on foot. I quickly learned the work of an Early Bird distributor and staying up late was not a problem for me either, Leo Hyvönen says.

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earlybird Armi

Get to know accountant entrepreneur, paper deliverer Armi.

Armi works as an Early Bird paper deliverer a few nights a week. In the daytime, she works as an accountant in her own business.

Armi started as Early Bird distributor in November. He previously worked for Leijonajakelu’s distribution service, as well as in various financial administration positions, and has also been an application and product specialist.

- In addition to doing accounting work, I also continue to work consulting as an application specialist. I distribute papers alternatingly from 0 to 5 nights per week. On average, work takes up 2-3 nights per week. This way, I can also handle my day job since I do not need to stay up too much. I take small tasks after work at night and sleep more on weekends, Armi says…


i am elli

Elli – an EarlyBird delivery person from Askola makes extra money as an entrepreneur for EarlyBird.


It is good manners to present oneself. So, I’ll start off by presenting myself. I am Elli, a middle-aged stone worker from Askola, and I have extra income as an entrepreneur for EarlyBird. I have been working with stone for 16 years. Personally, I think my crowning achievement was Helsinki Musiikkitalo. I was recently working on its concrete slabs and wall stones 70 hours a week. I am really proud of what I do and my professional skills and I could never have thought that any other work could be anything more than a way to earn a little money…



-startup grant

EarlyBird Entrepreneur received a startup grant in November 2017. He works as an Early Bird distributor in the Nummela and Vihti area.

He works under a business name and he has found that Early Bird work suits him. He used to do shift work at Matkahuolto, but he felt that night work would be the best option for him because of family related reasons.

He thinks that Early Bird delivery work is an easy way to increase ones income and that it can be done full-time or part-time.  He also encourages new entrepreneurs to seek a startup grant. A requirement for receiving the grant is an entrepreneurship course, which he also completed.

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