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- EarlyBird distribution is a mobile application that allows you to make money by distributing newspapers or other distribution products to their subscribers in a particular distribution network. You can perform the distribution as a freelancer or through your business.
- Download the EarlyBird distribution application and sign up as a distributor. The application will guide you through the sign-up.


- Once you are registered and familiar with the application, you can request a particular distribution circuit on a specific date.
- The area coordinator responsible for the circuit will approve your request, after which you will receive confirmation for the application.
- You can start a distribution round by going to the start-up site and opening a distribution booklet within the app that shows the progress of the distribution circuit step by step.
- After completing the circuit, you will notify tat you have completed it with the application. You will see the payment immediately and receive it in the bank account that you registered.
- If there are situations that you cannot cope with, you can contact the area coordinator by calling.
- The fee is paid on a weekly basis. Delivery fees are paid within about 2 weeks. 

The application is available in both Finnish and English.
The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Download the app and start making money!