These instructions have been prepared to assist carriers in completing their duties impeccably and on time so that they can receive the full fee for their job. If you have any questions or need any further information while performing your duties, please contact your area coordinator.

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Delivering newspapers to subscribers by the agreed time is of utmost importance for our business.



Newspapers must be delivered by 6:30 am on weekdays, by 7:00 am on Saturdays and by 7:30 am on Sundays.







The duty of a carrier is to deliver newspapers to subscribers by 6:30 am on weekdays, 7:00 am on Saturdays and 7:30 am on Sundays in the selected area, which is also called a delivery district. It has been estimated that the completion of one delivery task (district) takes around 1.5 hours. The estimated time may be longer for the most demanding districts. In addition to the delivery of newspapers, a carrier’s duties may include the following:

a)  Delivering advertisement products to all mailboxes or letter slots that do not include a “No advertisements, please” sign. This task is called “coverage delivery”.

b)  Delivering advertisement products to all mailboxes or letter slots into which a newspaper was not delivered and that do not include a “No advertisements, please” sign. This task is called “filler delivery”.

You can also freely deliver products by other suppliers to all households that do have a “No advertisements, please” sign in your district. In addition, you can deliver products by other suppliers to a larger area, in which case you should verify the delivery status in terms of pricing and booking status with your area coordinator. Within your own district, you can make any agreements you like.



You can start the delivery as soon as the newspapers have been delivered to the

pickup box in your district. Your area coordinator will tell you the newspaper delivery times for each pickup box and the locations of the pickup boxes after you sign the agreement.

It is usually a good idea to distribute all products at the same time. If necessary or if you like, you can also deliver products other than ordered newspapers by 16:00 on the same day. The other products are usually delivered to the pickup boxes at the same time as the newspapers. If the products are to be delivered at a different time, the delivery time will be separately given in the electronic delivery book.





You can see the delivery agreement in our website and you can  accept the contract via EarlyBird application.








You can select your district(s) and the days on which you want to deliver products. The area coordinator will confirm the choices. You can select your district day by day, for a minimum period of four weeks at a time or as a recurring task valid until a specific date. The delivery agreement cannot be terminated before that date.

You can also express your interest towards an already booked district to the area coordinator. All of the people who have expressed their interest will be notified when the district becomes available. You should pay attention to the estimated time it takes to complete the district and the distance between your home and the pickup box/district when selecting your districts. Short distances will enable efficient deliveries.

Your fee for a district will depend on the number of newspapers delivered, the length of the route and the difficulty of the district. You can view the fees for all the districts on in EarlyBird application.

You will only receive your fee if you have completed the delivery duties and acknowledged the district as completed. Any undelivered or erroneously delivered newspapers will be deducted from your fee. If the neglect or error is material, you may lose your entire fee. Negligence may also lead to immediate termination of the delivery agreement.




You can study your district in the district map that is available in the system. You can also print the map, if you like. The delivery book mentions any special issues to be taken into account about the district.



The carrier carries the responsibility for the completion of the delivery duties, so you must arrange a substitute for yourself if you suddenly fall ill or cannot complete your duties for any other reason. You have the right to hire assistants, either for an entire district or a part thereof, but you will be responsible for the performance of your assistants as for your own.

If you are unable to obtain an assistant or substitute, you must immediately notify the area coordinator.



You should take into account the fact that your delivery duties will take much more time in the beginning, because you are not yet familiar with your duties and the district. You can freely select the route you use within the district, as long as you deliver all the newspapers and any other products on time. You can use the optimised route suggested by the electronic delivery book in your smart phone.



The newspapers and any other products to be delivered will be delivered to pickup boxes for the carriers to pick up. One extra copy of the main newspaper, filler delivery product or coverage delivery product will be delivered for each district.  The carriers listed in the system for the day will receive a notification of the delivery of the newspapers via the delivery book. You should always check your delivery book before picking up the products.

If the delivery is defective or the products are damaged, you should immediately notify the area coordinator so that the number of undelivered newspapers will not be deducted from your fee. You can announce the number of missing newspapers via the electronic delivery book so that the smaller quantity will be taken into account and the addresses into which newspapers were not delivered will be known. By reporting defects due to reasons not attributable to you to the area coordinator or directly via the delivery book, you can make sure that your fee will be paid in full.





The delivery book shows the products to be delivered, their quantities and the estimated time it takes to complete the district. The delivery book also shows the delivery addresses for all addressed newspapers, the number of the district, the carrier ID, the district class, the time it takes to complete the district, the number of coverage or filler delivery products (if any) and the delivery key identification process.





Your district may include blocks of flats for which you need a key. The bunches of keys are marked with the district numbers, so you will need your district number to identify the bundle that belongs to you. You can identify building-specific keys with identification information available in the delivery book.

If the key is missing from the bundle or one of the keys is damaged in the middle of your route, you should report the problem and the undelivered addresses to the area coordinator.

When you have received the products to be delivered and the keys, and the delivery book is ok, you must acknowledge that you have received the materials needed to perform your duties before starting your delivery route.

With this acknowledgement, you confirm that you have received the task. It also ensures that you will receive your fee. 

You must store the keys with care and return them immediately after you have completed your duties. You may only use the keys to complete your delivery duties.



In order to perform your duties as required, you will have to deliver the products with care to the addresses specified in your delivery book.

When working at night, you should try to avoid making any unnecessary noise or causing any other disturbance. Deliver newspapers and other products so that they are completely inside the mailbox or letter slot.






If you encounter any problems that prevent you from delivering products to an address or several addresses, you should always report the undelivered addresses, accompanied by a report on why the products could not be delivered to these addresses, either through the system or directly to the area coordinator.

This way, you can ensure that your fee will be paid. You can determine the delivery instructions in your delivery book.



You may use your car or bicycle in the performance of your delivery duties at your own expense and at your own risk.

You may also use a delivery cart or bag that you have purchased. Using a small cart is an efficient way of delivering newspapers and other products in areas with blocks of flats, for example.



When you have completed your delivery duties, you should acknowledge the delivery as completed and report any deviations in the delivery book and return the keys of the district to the pickup box for the next delivery.

The acknowledgement means that you have completed your task.

You will only receive your fee for districts you have acknowledged as completed. Instead of the delivery book, you can submit the acknowledgement via the publisher’s system. If you fail to acknowledge the district as completed and any complaints regarding it are made, the publisher has no way of knowing whether any newspapers were delivered in the district. Your fee cannot be paid before the situation has been studied.


Fees and other charges



To pay your fee, we will need you to complete your personal data in the system. The information laid down in the agreement, i.e. your email and social security code or your company’s business ID will suffice. We will also need to know your taxation practice (whether you are registered in the tax at source register or whether you will use a tax deduction card).

If you are not registered in the tax at source register, tax will be withheld from your fee (13% in the case of a corporation, the percentage laid down in a submitted tax deduction card in the case of businesses other than corporations or 60% if no tax deduction card has been submitted). 

You are obligated to inform your contractual partner without delay if you are registered in the tax at source register or removed from the register.

You must obtain an appropriate self-­employed person’s pension insurance policy/a release from obtaining it, as well as obtain any other mandatory social insurance policies.

If your fee will be paid based on a tax deduction card, tax will be withheld in compliance with the percentage laid down in the tax deduction card and the sum withheld will be reported to the Tax Administration.

As the person who has signed the delivery agreement, you are obligated to notify your contractual partner if a person other than yourself will be taking care of your duties. You must also submit the tax deduction card of the other person to the publisher in due time before the fee payment date.

If you are included in the value added tax register, you are entitled to add the currently valid VAT to your fee. You are obligated to inform your contractual partner if you are registered in the VAT register or removed from the register.



Distribution fees are paid to your registered bank account weekly. Freelancers receive the payment with a delay of 1-2 weeks. The payment day is usually Friday. The public holidays are subject to an exception timetable. Entrepreneurs receive the payment within normal invoice payment schedule with a payment term of 14 days net.



Tax cards for freelancers: Please submit your tax deduction card to Sanoma’s outsourced service provider Silta Oy via email or in EarlyBird application.

Contact information of Silta Oy payroll accounting::

020 759 5672 (service time 9-15)



You must take out a self-employed person’s pension insurance policy (YEL) if the YEL earned income is at least EUR 7,645.25 per year (in 2017). You are also obligated to register in the value added register if the prerequisites for registration in the VAT register are met. You must immediately notify the contracting partner of any changes in your VAT registration status.

The publisher will not pay any social security contributions or employee’s pension contributions



As a carrier who has signed a delivery agreement, you will be held responsible for any direct damage caused by you or a person who replaces you. You will also be obligated to pay any compensation that the contractual partner has had to pay to a third party due to a breach of contract by you or a person who replaces you. We recommend taking out a general liability insurance policy.


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You carry the responsibility for your occupational health and safety and sufficient insurance coverage. We recommend performing your work duties with care and diligence.




Nobody is exempted from compliance with laws, statutes and good manners because they are delivering newspapers. You must always follow traffic regulations, for example.


Your personal data will be entered in a carrier register. Your data will be processed in compliance with the currently valid personal data protection legislation.

You undertake to process all the information in the delivery book as confidential information and protect it from unauthorised use.

You may not hand over your delivery book user ID or any information from the delivery book to any third parties, except for people who will be performing your delivery duties. The information in the delivery book may only be processed when performing the delivery duties. The delivery book itself is also considered confidential. Any copies of the delivery book must be destroyed immediately after having completed the delivery duties.