Address based delivery -certificate


Investigate what the certificate contains to make the addressed distribution rules clear for you. Then, answer a brief survey of what you consider to be the most important things to consider when distributing addressed products and claim your certification!



•Do not open, destroy or lose deliveries

•Always store the products in a locked place

•Always deliver the products in the same place where newspapers are delivered

•Return all undelivered products during the same night to the pick-up box

•Lock the box


Deliveries with an address

•Check the delivery book for product names and quantities

•Check the products from the bundle notes

•Always deliver the products based on the address

•The products are in the distribution order provided in the delivery book, so check that you are delivering the right product to the right address.

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Delivery book reporting

•Report irregularities primarily using the delivery book. Choose the correct symbol for the situation.

•When using a delivery book message, add the specific address that the message concerns, as well as an explanation.

•If the customer’s mailbox is taped closed or full, or night-time delivery is not possible, please report the undeliverable address with further information.

•If a product is missing, enter ‘not received’ in the delivery book.


Irregular situations

•The coordinator must be informed of irregularities:

•Too many products have been delivered to the circuit or they are not correctly allocated

•Report incorrect and undelivered products by address and item and return them to the disposal box

•If you notice an undelivered product after you have confirmed the circuit as complete

•A previously unlocatable address is found

•If the delivery requires a long diversion from the route, deliver the product the first time and report it

•If you are lacking several products, such as a whole bundle, inform the WhatsApp group about it

•If you have taken too many products, inform the WhatsApp group and return the products to the pick-up point


Product return

•After you have completed your delivery round, return all undelivered products to the return box at the disposal point and make sure that the status of all returned products is updated in the delivery book or the coordinator has been informed

•Return the delivery keys to their correct place and lock up the boxes.


Take some time and go through the more detailed instructions. If necessary, you can print them with you:


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You can print the certificate after it is sent.

Note. Without address based delivery certification, you have nothing to do with distributing them!