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Delivering newspapers to subscribers by the agreed time is of utmost importance for our business:

·  The duty of a carrier is to deliver newspapers to subscribers by 6:30 am on weekdays, 7:00 am on Saturdays and 7:30 am on Sundays in the selected area, which is also called a delivery district. It has been estimated that the completion of one delivery task (district) takes around 1.5 hours.

·  You can start the delivery as soon as the newspapers have been delivered to the pickup box in your district.

·  The carrier carries the responsibility for the completion of the delivery duties, so you must arrange a substitute for yourself if you suddenly fall ill or cannot complete your duties for any other reason. If carrier can´t arrange a substitute, area coordinator must be informed asap.

·  The newspapers and any other products to be delivered will be delivered to pickup boxes for the carriers to pick up.

·  The carriers listed in the system for the day will receive a notification of the delivery of the newspapers via the delivery book.

·  If the delivery is defective or the products are damaged, you should immediately notify the area coordinator


Learn more about the distributor's duties and responsibilities in the carrier's guide:



You can study your district in the district map that is available in the EarlyBird app: 

·  You can select your district(s) and the days on which you want to deliver products. The area coordinator will confirm the choices. You can select your district day by day, for a minimum period of four weeks at a time or as a recurring task valid until a specific date. The delivery agreement cannot be terminated before that date.

·  Your fee for a district will depend on the number of newspapers delivered, the length of the route and the difficulty of the district. You can view the fees for all the districts on our EarlyBird application

·  You should pay attention to the estimated time it takes to complete the district and the distance between your home and the pickup box/district when selecting your districts. Short distances will enable efficient deliveries.

·  You will only receive your fee if you have completed the delivery duties and acknowledged the district as completed.  

·  The number of subscribers and the lengths of the routes are checked quarterly. The checking may affect the fees and any changes will always be reported beforehand.




Check out the routes and fees in the distribution area info: