– Always ready to help


Arun Raj Olnedian founded ARN Services Oy for Early Bird delivery work. Arun, who lives in Nurmijärvi, delivers mail where it’s needed and guides new, especially foreign, employees when they start working as a mailman.

Arun Raj Olnedian, who is from India, has a role that is somewhat different compared to a typical mailman. He doesn’t deliver mail to the same addresses every night, but instead he offers help where it’s needed.

-        I work in close collaboration with the supervisor and I help him in finding people for every Early Bird route/area. We do our best in order to get workers for every area every night. I always join the new employees for a few nights and I teach them how the mail is delivered, Arun Raj Olnedian says.

From India to Finland and onto new tracks

Prior to moving to Finland Arun worked in various roles, for example in IT, as a restaurant manager etc.

-        I came to Finland to study and I worked part-time at Posti while I studied. After that I started as an Early Bird distributor and I started my own business. I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and I have dreamed about having my own business for a long time. Early Bird was an easy and risk-free opportunity for this, Arun concludes.

Arun thinks that being an entrepreneur is fairly simple in Finland. He has received a lot of help and guidance from various organizations. For example, Yritys Suomi has been of great help for him ever since he started. You can reserve a time with them and they will give personal guidance to a new entrepreneur.

-        Starting a new business was easy in my opinion. Many people might think that it’s difficult and entrepreneurship can be seen as frightening, but everything will work if you have the right attitude. As an entrepreneur you have to do a lot by yourself, but at the same time it opens new options and opportunities, and brings flexibility to the work. As an entrepreneur it’s also easier for me to affect my level of income, Arun says.

Arun has also received help from his entrepreneur friends and Early Bird colleagues.

Varying work days

Arun’s work days, or nights in this case, are very different from other distributors’. Sometimes he works long days, especially if there’s a lot of “open distribution areas”.

-        From the viewpoint of a mailman my work is very flexible, as long as I can deliver the mail on time. I get help when I need it and I also like to help other deliverers. Working in the night is calm compared to working during the day; there’s not a lot of traffic and its quiet everywhere, Arun says gladly.

Sometimes Arun meets customers and they are happy to see the mailman. A fresh newspaper and a cup of coffee belong together.

-        I enjoy my independent work. I’m happy when I can help other people. I also think that delivering mail is therapeutic and refreshing. It’s nice to meet customers early in the morning. They are glad when they get the newspaper and I have an important role in their lives, Arun rejoices.

Night work and weather conditions require getting used to

When Arun started as an Early Bird distributor, night work and especially the winter’s weather conditions felt strange. It took some time to get used to, but now Arun is comfortable with night work and he knows how to drive a car in the winter.

-        Nowadays the night work suits me perfectly. The world is not so busy during the night and I have learned to dress correctly and to drive my car in the winter conditions.

Arun thinks that delivering mail during the night is a good job for students and for people who want to earn some extra money. In the Early Bird delivery you can decide how much you want to work and you can work every night, a few nights a week, for a few hours or the entire night. For many people Early Bird is their main job because they enjoy it so much.

-        Early Bird has taught me a lot about entrepreneurship, business and also about myself. I will continue to work as an entrepreneur and take the opportunities I get, but I believe that mail delivery will always be a part of me.

As an immigrant to Finnish working life – what does it take?

Before an immigrant can work in Finland, he/she needs to have a residence permit. If a person has their own company, it is easier to show justification for a temporary or a permanent residence permit than if they were working as paid labor. Work permit will be granted to a person who can show that they have a residence permit and that they can live with the income that they get from their work.

Benefits are affected by the YEL-income, not salary. Therefore an entrepreneur has to think carefully what to report in their YEL-result. Company form does not affect the benefits.

Why is Ltd (Oy) better?

A limited company has better rights to deduct expenses and VAT (Value added tax). Taxes will also be reduced. For example, if an entrepreneur doesn’t have their car under the company name, they can charge the company money for travel expenses. On the other hand, if the car is put under the company name, all expenses of the car and their VAT are tax deductible.

Delivering mail can cause a lot of wear to a car, fuel is consumed and more repairs have to be made than otherwise would. The better option has to be calculated for each individual. It is good to remember that if the car is under a company name, it cannot be used for private trips, because that may cause the entrepreneur to lose the right to deduct the car’s expenses. Company cars are a different story. When a limited company is found, it has to have at least 2500 euros on its account.