Armi’s story

Get to know accountant entrepreneur, paper deliverer Armi.

Armi works as an Early Bird paper deliverer a few nights a week. In the daytime, she works as an accountant in her own business.

Armi started as Early Bird distributor in November. He previously worked for Leijonajakelu’s distribution service, as well as in various financial administration positions, and has also been an application and product specialist.

- In addition to doing accounting work, I also continue to work consulting as an application specialist. I distribute papers alternatingly from 0 to 5 nights per week. On average, work takes up 2-3 nights per week. This way, I can also handle my day job since I do not need to stay up too much. I take small tasks after work at night and sleep more on weekends, Armi says.

Paper delivery resets your head

Delivering papers is a great way to blow off steam for Armi. When she is delivering papers, she doesn’t think of anything else.

- Paper delivery is a bit like golf. In golf you focus on the ball and the following swing, making deliveries it’s the next mailbox. The accuracy required in my day job is also needed in paper deliveries: you need to concentrate, especially in a new delivery area that is not yet familiar. Paper delivery resets my brain and I love it, Armi explains.

Armi also expresses her satisfaction with the nice team. Cooperation with her regional coordinator Rikhard “Riku” Lindfors is going well and whenever she meets the other delivery people, there is a lot of chatter and plenty of jokes.

How about becoming an entrepreneur delivery person

Many people interested in working for Early Bird paper deliveries consider entrepreneurship from many angles. Armi encourages people to start off as an entrepreneur and see whether it gets off the ground.

– Before becoming an entrepreneur, you should discuss it with other entrepreneurs and compare experiences. Also, compare accountants and their services so you can find an alternative that suits you, Armi encourages.

“Entrepreneurship” as an independent entrepreneur is easy and suits many delivery people. Later, when the operations stabilize, you can think of setting up a corporation.

- I think you should think of setting up a corporation if the turnover and income reach about 2,600 Euros a month. At that point, it is sensible to change the entrepreneurship into a corporation so you can determine a monthly salary for yourself and withdraw the rest of the profits later on as dividends, she hints.

In a corporation, the deductions are better than for a small-scale entrepreneurship. A professional accountant is there to help you out in everything that has to do with entrepreneurship and accounting. This is good to bear in mind right from the start.

A funny incident one night

Armi seldom meets any clients when doing the rounds. However, one experience has stuck in her mind.

– I was delivering the Helsingin Sanomat in one apartment complex at about 5 in the morning. One of the doors opened and she heard the voice: “I want my paper before three.” I pressed on amazed. The Early Bird promise is that the papers are delivered by 6.30 a.m., on Saturdays by 7 a.m. and on Sundays by 7.30 a.m.

How do you recognize a good delivery person? Armi says the motivation must come from inside. Delivery work has many moving parts. Weather, darkness, a possible delay of the papers, new circuits and keeping an eye on the watch are challenges.

– It’s a question of attitude, as in any other work. I always focus on one box at a time, so I can cope with the work. It is possible to work as a delivery person if you want to. If you have a driving license, a sufficient physical condition, endurance and your life is under control, this work suits anybody, she says.

Armi also has a great piece of advice for desperate situations if the right mailbox or slot is not found.

– Stop and take a deep breath. After breathing for a while, you can keep on going again and you will find what you are looking for.


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