Area coordinators present themselves

There are three EarlyBird – delivery regional coordinators: Sami, Timo ja Riku. They are in charge of the good functioning and even quality of the EarlyBird deliveries. The quality of the deliveries is of prime importance for us and we thus put a premium on good factors.

The area coordinators from left to right: Sami, Riku and Timo.

The area coordinators from left to right: Sami, Riku and Timo.

Sami is a die-hard transportation entrepreneur and his enterprise specializes in demanding and accurately scheduled close logistic and contract transportations. Sami started as a regional coordinator in Karkkila right at the beginning of operations and, while EarlyBird has been expanding, has now has extra responsibilities. Nummi-Pusula and Vihti delivery areas. Read more about Sami’s entrepreneurial background and the company’s growth.


Timo is in charge of the Mäntsälän delivery area. His transportation business provides contract transports professionally and according to the customer’s wishes, always at the agreed time. Timo is also an early-morning delivery professional, and his decades-long experience in paper delivery guarantees the high quality of the delivery.

“I take care of transports in my own area and I arrange the daily delivery business. I develop the delivery operations together with the customers and keep the quality of delivery at a high level. For the customer, it should only be visible at the morning coffee table as a quiet reading moment before the day's rush”, Timo Väätäinen says. Read more about Timo and this new way of distributing the morning paper.

Riku is the most recent of the coordinators since EarlyBird expanded its operations to Nurmijärvi and Vihti.  Riku has been a traditional paper distributor for several years and he joined EarlyBird's ranks right from the beginning. Initially, he distributed in some circuits in Karkkila as a freelancer and now he does the distribution through his company within the ranks at EarlyBird.

"I noticed that EarlyBird was the right model for me that I wanted to start experimenting with. After just a few weeks, I also moved to the distribution area and set up my own business."

Read Riku's growth story.

All three area coordinators combine the same things; solid experience in paper distribution, entrepreneurship and a vision of the future of distribution work. These are the very qualities required of a good area coordinator.


the job of an AREA COORDINATOR




All distribution routes and distribution orders are made in co-operation with coordinators and distributors so that the distribution circuits are as fast as possible and that the distribution itself is good. A distribution force is established; Everyone does distribution either as an entrepreneur or at least with an entrepreneurial spirit. Gig delivery is the most profitable and, for that reason, the preparation is done well, listening to the other deliver people.

Sami, Pate and Riku at Kasvihuoneilmiö inspecting the Nummi-Pusula routes

Sami, Pate and Riku at Kasvihuoneilmiö inspecting the Nummi-Pusula routes

The work of a area coordinator requires very interactive, good cooperation between the EarlyBird team and the delivery people.


on the road with the coordinator

It is a week-night as the regional coordinator gets the papers from Sanomala and starts doing the rounds to Karkkila.

Sami gets the papers for his area for delivery. The newspapers such as the Helsingin Sanomat and HBL are loaded into the car next to the magazines and weeklies. You see, EarlyBird delivery people have their hands full with all kinds of other stuff as well, such as Me Naiset magazine and Rakennuslehti. The loading bay is full of life. You get all the products from Sanomala quickly and the journey to the destination can begin.

The magazines are waiting to be picked up on the loading bay. Usually the papers are already loaded the previous evening.

The magazines are waiting to be picked up on the loading bay. Usually the papers are already loaded the previous evening.

The driver is on schedule because the production has been ready on time and this time the weather is summery and clear. It is highly likely that the papers will be delivered to the subscribers on time.

The journey from Sanomala can begin...

The journey from Sanomala can begin...

The papers transported by the area coordinator arrive in the destination.


The papers are placed directly in the pick-up box where the delivery people get their own pile of papers. Quite often, the delivery people are already waiting for the papers at the pick-up box. Usually, there is some time for chitchat between the delivery people and the regional coordinator. The weather is a frequent topic because it is the most challenging factor for deliveries. Luckily, the delivery people are experienced drivers and they have the patience to drive with caution in bad weather. The work is done with gusto but without an unnecessary rush.

The paper piles are delivered district by district. Once the delivery people have their own piles, the regional coordinator’s day is done. Or not.

“It depends very much on what the night is like. Sometimes, if the situation is really difficult -- if production was late, for example -- I usually go out to make deliveries myself. It is good to ensure that the delivery schedule is tight enough so that the papers reach the customers’ morning coffee tables in time ". Sami laughs.  In early distribution work, morning coffee is drunk in a thermos cup at work.

EarlyBirds currently distribute newspapers, magazines, and weekly papers, as well as letters. In addition, EarlyBird’s distribution network will again be expanded to include new distributable items with the addition of small packages. Christmas cards will, of course, be distributed as before ...